Trouble Logging In?

Trouble Logging In?

Here’s what to do to solve it and get access to your content as quickly as possible.

1) If you’ve just received your login info, give it a minute or two. Sometimes it take a few moments for your password and login to get set up. If it still doesn’t work after 5 minutes…

2) Watch the video. (Hint–the most common cause of login problems is incorrectly copying the password)

3) If that doesn’t work, here’s what I usually do in these cases. Feel free to go ahead with these steps (it will save time).

  1. Try another browser if you have access to one. That way we can tell if it’s a browser problem.
  2. Try another computer or a smartphone. That way we can tell if the issue is with a specific computer.

If we eliminate all those items as potential problems, I’d like to help sort it out. Please use the contact us link to get in touch and be as specific as possible as to what’s happening.